What You Need To Know About This Course E-Book

Need To Know:

This is a working course that provides you goal clarity and direction. Because you prefer books instead of video, this is the perfect option for you. I translated the content of the videos to text form. You are able to go at your own speed. You will have the opportunity to come back to this downloadable document as often as you like. So, no need to rush. I want you to be able to apply what you learn to ensure that you have gained clarity. Find the right pace that works for you. Just finish the plan and then work it.

Supplies Needed:

A downloadable course book is provided. If you choose not to download, then be sure to have a notebook and pen handy while you take the course. You will have several reflection exercises and takeaway exercises throughout the course. I always recommend creating a binder for the course to keep all of the information in one place so that it is easy to find when you need a refresher.

Downloadable Course book is listed under Take Action Course book.

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