Take Action Welcome Video

Reflection Exercise:

If the reflection break was not enough time, then take a additional time. Feel free to rewatch the video and determine which scenario best describe you.

  • The Idealist who has a vision, sometimes multiple vision, and things are a bit confusing, so you stay busy but not productive because your vision and goals are not as clear as you think.
  • The Fixer who continues to push your goals aside for everything else, so your goals are not prioritized.
  • The Doubter who has a dream, maybe even for quite sometime now, but you don't now if you can do it. You have never done it before, so you talk yourself out of it before you even get started.
  • The Visionary who has a clear vision, but you are not a a details person. You have to break the vision down into smaller goals and need to leverage your team focus on the details.

Were there multiple stories that resonated with you? And why?

Be sure to write it down and be as clear as possible to what is holding you back. This is the first step to clarifying your goal.


Feel free to add comments below, while you are going through the course. It creates engagement within Cultivator's Corner. There are some questions, like this one that will also be explored and captured in other areas.

Please know that comments are visible to other students. Please share responsibly.

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